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Quick How-To Guides for First-Time App Users

Our Tbbbout PayLater app is a Progressive Web App, or “PWA.” You won’t find it in app stores and it’s the next-gen of truly cross-device mobile apps that eliminate many frustrating features of app store apps.

Sign up for PayLater™

A quick video showing patron customers how and where to register for our Tbbbout PayLater™ progressive web app for mobile and non-mobile devices. Takes 2 minutes to complete and you can create a new login or use Google to sign in with an existing gmail account in seconds. Text “paylater” to 31996 or go to to sign up!

Navigating PayLater™ App

How to Open & Pay a PayLater™ tab

A quick initial guide to using the PayLater™ app for patron customers once you’ve signed up. You’ll see how to set your location, search by business name and find businesses and open tabs or pay invoices you’ve been sent. Need a full training video on all app features? Contact us and we’ll send ‘em out.

A walk-thru of how to open and close a PayLater™ tab. No more waiting on a check or coming back to pay, just open a tab, leave and pay when you are ready!

PayLater™ Cool Features

Just a quick sample of a few things you may not know about our patrons’ app. In this video we show you some cool features - including how you can win $100 each month just by using it!