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Pay with Credit Card by Phone!

Why are you here? Well, the only CONVENIENT way to pay at the Oktoberfest is by using Tbbbout’s PayLater™ app. The festival is credit card-less, much like Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta (who are are sponsors, btw).

Why? Well…

  • It’s always on your phone (which you have at all times!)

  • It’s much more secure than credit cards or cash

  • It’s more convenient - leave one tab open all day

  • It’s easier to click and pay

  • You have control, pay out when you want

  • It eliminates or greatly reduces lines

  • It offers coupons and tipping when you checkout

  • You can win $100 Amazon Gift Card per month

We’re not in any app store

Our Tbbbout PayLater app is a Progressive Web App, or “PWA.” You won’t find it in app stores and it’s the next-gen of truly cross-device mobile apps that eliminate many frustrating features of app store apps.

Follow these instructions below to set up your customer account in about 2 minutes and 15 seconds:

  1. Go to on your phone or tablet (you can use your desktop or laptop too if you want!) OR text “paylater” to 31996.

  2. Register for your account and enter the credit card you want to pay with. You only have to enter ONE time and we don’t ever save your credit card number (we just get an auth token from the bank!)

That’s it! You’re in! Bookmark the app page or follow the directions below to save it as an icon on your phone’s home screen.

Using the App at 301 Bistro

  1. Go to the menu in the top left of the app to browse the app’s pages. Find the “Home” page to set your location for the festival by entering “35401” or “Tuscaloosa.”

  2. Search for “301"“ and you’ll see the entry for “301 Bistro and Beer Garden”

Screen Shot 2019-10-05 at 7.47.34 AM.png

3. When you arrive, click “Open Tab” on the 301 Bistro business listing and walk up to any concession stand and place your order with your name.

4. When you want to go back and get more food or drink, just give them your name and/or PIN, nothing else needed!

5. When you’re ready to close your tab at the end of the day or when you are ready to leave, Click “Closeout” on the tab you opened under your “My Tabs.” You can close out from anywhere! Inside the festival or not. It’s your choice. You’ll get an emailed receipt once you’ve paid.

Easy, right?

And, if you forget to pay, don’t worry! It automatically closes out the next business day at 0500 and adds a tip.

Need help signing up or paying? Just drop us a line at [email protected].

How-To Videos

Check out these quick videos. Pay special attention to the “cool features” that can win you $100 Amazon Gift Card just by using our PayLater™ app!

Register for PayLater App Account

Nothing to install and no fumbling around app stores! Just go to and register, then save a bookmark in your phone's browser or add an icon to your home screen!

Navigating the PayLayter™ App

Once you're signed in, this quick video gives you a tour of how to use our PayLater app to pay your tabs, bills, and invoices at bars, restaurants, festivals or any small business that uses our service. Need to sign up? Text "paylater" to 31996 now!

How to Open and Close a Tab

A walk-thru of how to open and close a PayLater™ tab. No more waiting on a check or coming back to pay, just open a tab, leave and pay when you are ready! Sign up at

Cool App Features

In this video we show you some cool features of the PayLater customer app - including how you can win $100 each month just by using it!

Want Tbbbout PayLater™ for your business?

  • It’s free! $0.00 to use. Nada. Zip. Zilch.

  • Customers can pay tabs, bills or invoices via phone.

  • Customers can “Send Money” directly to your business in one click!

  • Clears out backlogs, eliminates lines and grows revenue.

  • Reduce time spent (i.e. wasted) doing invoicing by 99%.

  • No cost to the customer and likely a lower pre-charge fee than you’re paying now for credit card processing.

  • Manage invoices remotely, simply, and efficiently from any phone, tablet or computer.

  • Takes 25 minutes to be online and receiving payments.