PayLater™App for Veterinarians

Let your customers open and pay their bills and invoices via phone app or “Send Money” instantly to pay out. Set up easy installment payments too.


Get people - and pets - in and out faster.

Tbbbout’s PayLater™ mobile web app can help you help your customers and your business.

Got clients that have an unexpectedly large medical bill for their Fido or Tabby? Set them up on installment payments in seconds and our app will handle the collection for you.

Set, forget. Just get paid.

Want to eliminate lines at your counter where half a dozen owners and their dogs are just seconds from World War III? Let your clients skip the counter and pay later via phone. Just enter their total, save it and they get an SMS message to pay. One click and you get your cash or it pays automatically next day.

Got folks who are in a hurry to pick up medicines and supplies? Give them their totals and tell them to click “Send Money” to pay instantly.


Features and Benefits

  • 100% FREE for veterinarians to use.

  • Customers can pay invoices or bills from any mobile device.

  • Set up installment payments in seconds, app collects.

  • Unpaid invoices automatically close out each next day.

  • Issue one-time or recurring invoices then “set, forget.”

  • Invoice from anywhere, any mobile device or computer.

  • Our app handles all scheduling, reminders and payments.

  • You get paid instantly to your business checking account.

  • 5% credit card payment fee to business can be added to bills.

  • 0% fee to clients for making payments and paying invoices.

  • No software integration needed - just a web browser.

  • Customers can “Send Money” for one-time bills at any time.

  • Owners capture customer info and can market to them in app.

  • Owners can create coupon codes for discounts and set limits.

  • Owners see all monies and tab statuses in app reports pages.

It’s free and fast to get started!

Sign up and be taking payments in 25 minutes. We ship or deliver all owners app tablets needed for your business.