PayLater™App for Bars and Restaurants

Let your customers open and pay their tabs via phone app or “Send Money” instantly to pay out.

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This will change your business…Seriously.

Tbbbout’s PayLater™ mobile web app was initially created for bars and restaurants to answer a few big questions:

  • How can we reduce wait times during busy shifts?

  • How can we prevent customers from waiting on a check?

  • How can our busy bartenders and servers do more in less time?

  • How can we reduce the cost of credit card transactions and number of swipes?

  • How can we let customers leave when they want and still ensure payment?

Fortunately, our app answers them all; and goes well beyond to help your business grow!


Features and Benefits

  • FREE for bars and restaurants to use (we provide all tablets).

  • Only 2% fee per transaction (most credit cards are 3-10%).

  • You get paid instantly to your business checking account.

  • Flexible set-up for bars or sit-down restaurants with servers.

  • No Point-of-Sale integration needed - we’re just an add-on.

  • Customers can open their own tabs from any mobile device.

  • Customers pay with one-click on mobile phone to close out.

  • Unpaid tabs automatically close out each day and add tip.

  • Customers can “Send Money” for one-time tabs at any time.

  • Owners capture customer info and can market to them in app.

  • Owners can create coupon codes for discounts and set limits.

  • Owners see all monies and tab statuses in app reports pages.

It’s free and fast to get started!

Sign up and be taking payments in 25 minutes. We ship or deliver all owners app tablets needed for your business.