Is Tbbbout’s PayLater™ app just for bars and restaurants?

No, you can use our app to pay at any kind of small business that has signed up for our free service. If you want us to add a business, just tell us here.

How do I open a tab?

It’s easy. Just register for the app. Once you’re done with sign-up, we’ll show you your unique 6-character PIN. Your PIN is the first initial of your first name and last name plus a random 4-digit code (ex. “RS3454” for “Robert Smith”). Once you have your PIN, just give your bartender, server or customer service rep your PIN and tell them you want to use PayLater™ to pay your tab. That’s it! They’ll enter it in via their desktop, laptop or tablet PayLater™ app. You pay when you want to leave or even after your gone!

Just wanna instantly pay and leave? Don’t open a tab, just click “Send Money” on the business you want to pay. It’s great for counter service, farmer’s markets, and really any place you want to pay instantly without swiping a card or using cash.

How do I pay?

Currently, we use Stripe as our credit card processor, so you can use any credit card to pay. You don’t even have to remember it once you add it for the first time while paying your tab. Use it over and over again, whenever and where ever PayLater™ is accepted!

After you sign up and save a card, you can pay by tab, invoice or our instant “Send Money” feature.

Do you charge to use it?

Yes, like any service that provides a convenience (e.g. Uber, Lyft, ATMs, etc.), we charge a small convenience fee that’s rolled into our service. Currently, we charge 4.5% per transactions (45 cents on $10.00), which is less than half a typical ATM fee. We also charge a $2.00 fee if you forget to close out your tab by 0400 EST each day. That fee helps us protect the bar owners and to keep this thing ultra low-cost and getting adopted everywhere! If you use our “Send Money” button to pay businesses, it’s just a 2.5% fee (25 cents on $10.00). For paying invoices or tabs at non-bars/restaurants, it’s free for the customer.

What if I forget to close my tab?

All tabs automatically close within 24 hours after you open them. For most establishments, tabs automatically close at 0400 each morning. As well, we automatically add a 20% tip for the bartender’s or server’s inconvenience (if paying at a bar/restaurant) for any tab we have to automatically close. If you’re paying at a non-bar/restaurant, there’s no tip added.

What if I need to dispute my tab?

You have the chance to speak with the bartender, server or customer service rep when they send back your final tab or bill for you to close out. After you hit the pay button, the charge is processed and you must dispute with/request refund from the establishment at which you closed our your tab. We are a transaction broker and not affiliated with the business that uses Tbbbout, so we offer no refunds nor do we take part in any disputed tabs. If a technical error occurs with our app, do please contact us asap at [email protected].

Any other questions?

Reach out anytime at [email protected]! We love questions, suggestions, and feature requests too.