PayLater™ Chosen as Mobile Payment System, POS for Druid City Music Festival


The only way to pay

In about a week, the first annual Druid City Music Festival in Tuscaloosa, Alabama will kick off a big weekend for the little big town on the river known typically in the Fall for Alabama Crimson Tide football and “Squeal Day.

Two days of great music start on Friday, August 23rd with multiple artists in many bar and restaurant venues all around town and beside the beautiful Black Warrior River. On Saturday, a full day of big-name music acts one after another takes place on the big stage in the city’s Government Plaza downtown.

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For Tuscaloosa, the festival not only represents thousands of concert-goers flocking to the city, but more importantly an opportunity to showcase the area as an up-and-coming, progressive town that’s more than just great football.

As such, event organizers wanted to also be progressive about payment convenience, security, and mobility.

They wanted to be as “green” as possible by reducing plastic and paper, as well as to offer customers a new level of “pay-by-phone” not yet seen at festivals and other events. In particular, they wanted to let customers open a tab all day, then pay when they’re ready.

They also wanted a solution with a quick and easy-to-setup point-of-sale system (POS) that lets patrons pay completely with their mobile devices - again, when they want to pay.

That means there was really only one choice in the marketplace: Tbbbout’s PayLater™ app.

(Plus, Tbbbout is a Tuscaloosa-born tech startup - as rare and beautiful as a unicorn, you know?!)

Customers can open a tab for whole day, pay by phone when ready

The day of the festival, concert-goers will use Tbbbout’s PayLater™ app from their mobile devices to open a tab, then leave it open all day. They can add to it each time they walk up to a concession stand, merchandise tent, bar, or food truck simply by providing the attendant their name and/or their unique personal PIN code found in the app itself under the “Account” page.

Users can close out their tabs at the end of the day or at anytime they want by themselves right on their phones simply by hitting the “Closeout” button. They see all items they’ve bought and can leave a tip while checking out. After payment, they’re emailed a receipt.

Signing up is even easier. Those attending the festival can sign up now in 2 minutes by:

  • Texting “paylater” to 31996

  • Going to

  • Being invited by an existing user from the app via the “+” at the top

After adding their credit card, registration is done and the app is ready to use. Users simply set the zip code (in this case 35401 for Tuscaloosa) or city (again, “Tuscaloosa”) to see all businesses, search for a business by name or by category.

In the case of events, any and all events going on in a given zip code/city show up in one app page called “Events” right in the menu under the “Home” page. Users can just click to find an event and open tabs, buy tickets, and more.

So How Does it Work Anyway?

PayLater is super-simple to use at the festival:

  1. Sign up for the app and register (no app download required!) - or text “paylater” to 31996.

  2. Set the location in your app to zip code “35401” or “Tuscaloosa” and click the check mark to save.

  3. Start searching for “Druid City…” and click the check mark to submit search.

  4. You’ll see “Druid City Music Festival Bar, Food & Merch,” “Druid City Music Festival Tickets,” and “Druid City Music Festival Artist Merch” business listings.

  5. If you need tickets, you’ll be assisted upon arrival with using the app to buy what you need.

  6. Once inside, you can then open one tab - and leave it open all day - for “Druid City Music Festival Bar, Food & Merch” to buy food, drinks, t-shirts, what ever you want. Just walk up to a concession stand, open a tab from your phone and give them your name. That’s it! When you come back, just give them your name and they’ll keep the tab open. Click “Closeout” from your phone when you’re ready to pay.

  7. If you want to buy artists’ merch, just walk up, open a tab, order what you want and click “Closeout” after you get your things.

  8. Don’t worry, if you ever forget to close out, all tabs close out automatically the next morning and add a 20% tip.

WARNING: The festival only has a limited number of cash lines and accepts NO credit cards, so sign up for PayLater now!

Users can sign up for PayLater™ any time and it’s highly encouraged they sign up before arriving at the festival.


Some Quick How-To Videos for Using PayLater™