How You Pay Using PayLater™ at the Druid City Music Festival

This weekend, August 23rd and 24th, Tuscaloosa, Alabama will be home to one night and one full day of great live music: The first annual Druid City Music Festival, or DCMF (

For festival goers, the producers of the festival have chosen to give them a great, super-convenient way to open and pay their tabs right from their phones. They can open a tab, keep it open all day and add to it, then close it out when they want - no trips to sign or close out!

Read on to learn more…And be sure to sign up BEFORE you go!


Register for our payment app in 2 mins from your phone

The Tbbbout PayLater™ app is a mobile app, but it’s not in any app stores.


Well, our app is called a “Progressive Web Application,” or PWA. It’s the next wave of mobile apps that work across any and all mobile devices in the exact same way. Meaning, there are not differences between an Apple version of the app and a Google Android version.

PWAs also make the user experience better. How? Well, here’s how:

  • No download or install required - accessed from your phone’s web browser at

  • Takes up no space on your phone

  • You always have the latest version (no updating the app ever!)

  • As long as you have internet, it’s always on

  • It’s fast - very fast

  • No conflicts with other apps

  • It’s accessible any time from a simple web browser on any device

Just take your phone, go to and sign up. Then, once your in, save the app icon to your home screen so it looks just like any other app. Depending on your phone, here’s how to do that:

Apple iPhone

Google Android phone

You can always access the app any time from any browser on your phone at the URL You can also bookmark it in your phone’s browser if you want for quick access if saving an icon on your phone’s home screen isn’t what you want to do.

Using the app at the festival - Keep your tab open all day!

Once you’re registered and when you get to the festival, click on the “Menu” item in the top left side of the app on your phone. Then click on the “Events” page and set the zip to 35401 or just type “Tuscaloosa, Al” since DCMF is in Tuscaloosa.

When you set the location, you’ll see a bunch of places that you can use Tbbbout PayLater™ to pay.

If you want to buy a beer, wine or mixed drink, simply walk up to a bar tent and click “Open Tab” under Druid City Music Festival Bar-Food-Merch.

If you want food, head to one of the tents or food trucks outlined below and click “Open Tab” under the one you want:

  • Jim and Nicks BBQ

  • Chik-fil-a

  • La Mexicana

  • Steel City Pops

  • Archibalds

  • Heat Pizza (in the restaurant itself)

If you want to buy Druid City Music Festival merchandise, head to the DCMF merch tent.

They key thing to know here is…YOU ONLY NEED TO OPEN A TAB ONE TIME! That’s right, open a tab once at any of the business listings in the app and you can LEAVE IT OPEN ALL DAY!

When you want more drinks or food or merch, just head back up, tell the concession server you have an open tab, then give them your name or app PIN number, then show your ID. Your app PIN is found in the app under the “My Account” page in the “Menu” at the top left of the app screen.

That’s it! No swiping cards, no paying out after every order.

When you want to close out or leave, just open the app on your phone at (or click the icon you saved or link you bookmarked in your browser) and click “Close Out” on the open tab under your “My Tabs” screen. You can find that page under the “Menu” in the top left of the app screen.

Need to sign up now? Here’s how…

You can sign up in just 2 mins by:

We also have short “how-to” videos here! Check em out, it’s easy:

Jason Polancich