Introducing Tbbbout Posts & Coupons! Grow Your Small Business Faster.

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Use Tbbbout to Up-sell, Resell Now.

Announcing Tbbbout Posts and Coupons! They're live in your app right now, so head to your Owner's login and try 'em out.

Why? Well, these things grow your business. Pure and simple! A perfect and powerful add-on to Tbbbout’s one-click mobile tab, bill and invoice payments for your business.

Not a customer yet? Get Tbbbout now here and market to your best customers in seconds.


As you already know, any customer who pays a bill at your business ends up in your My Customers page. We capture all their contact info for you to use in your marketing efforts! 

Now, it's super-simple and quick to get them back into your business buying more! On your My Customers page, just click on the "Actions" drop-down at the top left of your customers table.

When you do, you'll see "Create Post." Click that and the post editor will pop up:

From there, just fill out all the fields. It's very easy to do. Just add a high-quality image of your choice, give it a short title that clearly describes the post's offer, then add a button that makes sense for what you're sending and a URL for them to click back to. Don't know what URL to send them to? Your website, Instagram, or even are good options to combine with a post. 

Here's a recent example of a completed Post that converted VERY well:


Each post shows up in the customers Tbbbout app under our notifications page and alerts them via email.

As you probably have guessed, this is a super-powerful way to reach customers who have already shown they buy things from you - in other words, your best and most "convertible" audience. Social media is a crapshoot, but Posts are great ways to get your best customers back in your establishment!


To go along with Posts, we have also released Coupons. You can create them right in the Owners' app under the My Coupons page. 

Just head there in your app once you are signed in, then click "Create Coupon" to see:


Coupons couldn't be easier to set up. Just create a coupon code (ex. "JULY123"), then set expiration date, a percentage discount and how many times it can be used total. That's it!

Send the code out via social media or, even better, via a Tbbbout Post as a type "Coupon" with the location of where they find the code. 

Customers simply enter the coupon when paying in Tbbbout and the total is applied. You can track it all in your My Reports.

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Jason Polancich