Send Money by Phone to Any Business with Tbbbout PayLater™


It’s Saturday. You’re at the farmer’s market and you see that artisanal goat’s milk soap in “Peach-Patchouli” flavor. You’ve been waiting three weeks for Sarah at Billy Goat Gruff soaps to show back up with it. Finally, a fresh, clean peachy shower awaits, but…you don’t have your credit card!

Not to worry. You do have your cell phone. After all, who goes anywhere without their phone, right?

Time to simply sign into, find Billy Goat Gruff in the app, click the “Send Money” button, and instantly pay her the very reasonable $12 she’s charging you for three bars of peachy-patchouli bliss.


It’s that quick and that simple. Send Money with Tbbbout’s PayLater™ app with the click of a button for things like:

  • Any one-time payment at a lawyer, vet, chiropractor, you name it.

  • Counter service restaurants or quick drinks at bars.

  • Cover charges for bar or club lines.

  • Farmer’s markets and concession stands.

  • Down-payments or deposits.

  • Outstanding balances or bills.

  • Quick bites at food trucks or coffee shops!

For the business owner, they see your payment instantly via an SMS notification and in their Tbbbout PayLater™ dashboard under My Reports on the Invoices tab.

Together with invoices and tabs, it’s another flexible way to pay in the PayLater™ app! Try it today.


Are you a business owner? Wanna get paid faster?

Take instant mobile payments from your customers. Sign up now. It’s FREE to use PayLater™ for your business! Great for:

  • Bars and Restaurants

  • Used Car Dealers

  • Food Trucks

  • Concessions

  • Counter Service Retail

  • More….Any one time payment!

Jason Polancich