Tbbbout Releases Full Suite of Small Business Mobile Payment and Invoicing Apps

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TUSCALOOSA, Ala., June 13, 2019 -Tbbbout LLC, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) mobile payment provider, announces today the full release of its initial suite of mobile apps that allow small businesses to collect one-click tab, bill, and invoice payments via any mobile device.

Called PayLater™, the two apps for customers and business owners are built as “Progressive Web Applications” that run on any mobile or desktop device and let patrons open tabs at local businesses or send money directly to them for goods and services all from their mobile phones or tablets. Customers can pay with one click in the PayLater™ web app right from their mobile devices.

Business owner users can create tabs or send invoices to customers and let them pay when they want via their phones without waiting in lines or even being physically present in the business location.

“We created PayLater™ to be a dirt-simple way for customers to leave, then pay and to avoid having to swipe credit cards,” says Jason Polancich, Co-Founder of Tbbbout. “For any business owner, such as a bar or restaurant, veterinarian, chiropractor, baker or coffee shop - really any business type -  our apps let them speed people in and out by using their phones - something they always have on hand and at the ready. As we say around Tbbbout, there’s really no need to bring ink and paper into simple transactions.”

The PayLater™ system is free and sets up in less than 20 minutes, so businesses can be up and taking mobile payments almost instantly. Tbbbout provides tablets and stands to businesses that need them or the app can be used on existing customer service computers, laptops, tablets or even mobile phones. That means it can be used at fixed locations or on the go at places like concession kiosks or farmers’ markets to sell wherever a business interacts with customers.

Customers simply create a PayLater™ account on their phones in 3 minutes, then set their zip code to see all local businesses within a 20-mile radius that accept PayLater™ payments.

Customers can then choose from one of four options to open a tab or pay a bill at each business:

  • Open Tab - This option allows the patron to open a tab with a business instantly. The business owners see it on their app and acknowledge.

  • Follow - Customers can follow local businesses to become a customer, then they appear in the business owners’ app where tabs, bills, or invoices can be instantly opened and closed.

  • PIN - Customers can provide their unique PIN to let businesses invoice them, open a tab or a bill for customers to pay via their phone app.

  • Send Money - Customers can select a business and click “Send Money” to instantly pay for goods and services at places like concession stands or counter service businesses.

The PayLater™ web app eliminates the need to wait for a check in a restaurant or bar and allows customers to go in and leave when they’re done at dozens of other types of local businesses from coffee shops to barbers and everything in between.

Customer tabs are closed out and sent to them for payment via SMS in one-click in their PayLater™ app. If customers don’t pay out, the app automatically processes payments at 0500 each day so businesses always get paid.

As a result, payment backlogs and physical lines disappear completely or are reduced greatly providing a better customer service experience and growing customer loyalty for local businesses that use the application.

“PayLater™ has been like an ‘easy button’ for us at Innisfree,” says Tripp Rogers, owner of Innisfree Irish Pubs in Tuscaloosa and Birmingham, Alabama. “We’re a super-high-volume college restaurant and bar that gets overwhelmingly busy at times, but with this app, we don’t waste time swiping cards and presenting checks so customers don’t need to get someone’s attention or wait at all anymore. They can just leave. PayLater™ is a revolutionary app that will change our industry.”

The application helps just about any type of business and is not just for bars and restaurants. Currently, it’s in use by lawyers, doctors, veterinarians, used car dealerships and more.

“We frequently get requests to pay in installments,” says Bret Smith, lawyer, and partner with The Browne House Law Group. “PayLater™ lets me instantly set up recurring invoice payments that go out to customers to pay instantly on their phones and manages the whole cycle for me. My typical way of handling this prior was very labor intensive, time-consuming, and inefficient.”

Invoices, just like tabs, can be set up to go out as one-time charges to customers or set to recur weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually. The app then manages collection from customers and reports on all payments as they’re made.

“As a high-volume used car dealer, we frequently get requests to set up installment payments,” Says Heidi Sellers owner of Gulf States Auto and CreditUnionDeals.”PayLater™ lets me ‘set it and forget it” with payments and I can track all progress in the app easily via their easy-to-use reports.”

A Tuscaloosa, Alabama company, Tbbbout’s PayLater™ app is currently available to customers and business owners in Tuscaloosa and Birmingham but is expanding rapidly now to other states like Georgia, Texas, Louisiana and beyond.


Founded in 2019 by career-long tech and service-industry entrepreneurs Tbbbout provides Software-as-a-Service and mobile applications that help customers pay for things more easily and businesses to market themselves and grow their revenues. Providing one-click tab, bill, and invoice payments to any kind of small business, Tbbbout’s PayLater™ progressive web applications for owners and customers run on any device and reduce lines, increase efficiency, grow revenue and lower costs.

Tbbbout: https://www.tbbbout.com

Jason Polancich