Mobile Invoice Payments: Game Changer for Small Businesses


Let’s face it. Whether you’re a lawyer, pest control specialist, veterinarian or any one of a number of popular local small businesses that have customers with recurring payments, invoicing and chasing down payments is, well, a dreadful, painful, and time-consuming process - to say the least.

In fact, many small business owners spend over 25% of their time each month (or more) JUST sending and managing sent invoices and payments.

That’s all time that could be spent getting new customers or taking care of existing ones.

What if I told you that you could manage your invoices simply in a small fraction of that time (and from anywhere) and let your clients and customers pay in one click on their phones?

And then, what if I told you it was free? Read on now that I have your attention.

New Tbbbout Mobile Invoicing for Business

Last week here at Tbbbout, we rolled out our new mobile invoicing capability for small businesses.

How’s it work?

Well, in your Tbbbout owners account, you can create one-time or recurring invoices that automatically message your customers via their Tbbbout mobile phone app so they can “one-click” pay.

It’s a super-simple, yet powerful way to make sure you have the best chance of getting paid in the most convenient way possible.

Plus, with our recurring payment feature, you set it and forget it. Just pick a recurrence amount and time period, then done. We manage all payments and notifications for you.

tbbbout-invoicing-screen 1.png

As always with Tbbbout, you’ll see all paid and open invoices in your My Reports page of the owners app.

So what are all the features of our Tbbbout Mobile Invoicing?

  • Recurring billing for one-time, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual bills

  • One-time invoicing with due date (Net 30, Net 45, etc.)

  • Easy to use interface can be used from any device, anywhere

  • Customers get reminders of payments due

  • Invoice payments automatically pay if not paid by due date

  • Takes 5 mins to learn how to use and seconds to enter each invoice

Not only is will our system make your invoicing and billing faster, more efficient, but it also helps reduce your backlog over time so you don’t have to chase down payments for old invoices.

Why Use It?

Did we mention that you get all the above for a cost of…FREE!

Most of the complicated and painful-to-use invoicing software on the market today costs a small fortune each year to use, then it gets you a second time by being a royal pain the a** to use.

Each year, small businesses pay an average of $1000 - $2000 for invoicing software alone - and that doesn’t count all the time wasted spent struggling to use it or fix problems that result from using it.

With Tbbbout, our service is free. Most importantly, if you can send a text message you can use Tbbbout Mobile Invoicing. So, it’s free and it’s dirt-simple to use. I call that a win-win.

With Tbbbout, you win even more by:

  • Lowering your invoicing costs

  • Reducing time needed to invoice and manage payments

  • Ensuring you get paid quicker via one-click phone pay

  • Setting and forgetting invoice payments with our automation

  • Managing even large numbers of customers and invoices easily

  • Instantly invoicing existing customers with one click

As our existing customers have learned already, Tbbbout’s mobile invoicing system can be a true game-changer for your business.

Get paid easier and faster, plus reduce time wasted on things that don’t generate revenue.

Best of all, it’s free, so what do you have to lose? Try it now.

PSSSST! Guess what else Tbbbout invoicing and mobile payment platform is great for?

  • Installment Payments - Tbbbout is great for used car dealers, lawyers, vets and other businesses who have customers that often request to pay in installments over time!

  • Charity/Donation Drives - Got an upcoming pledge drive? Tbbbout invoicing can be a big help and a way to get more donations.

  • Churches - Want a way to boost tithes each week? Sign up with Tbbbout and let your regular congregation members give using their phones. No more gum wrappers, paper clips and business cards in the offering plate!