Why Tbbbout is Life Changing: Leave now. Pay Later.

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Can an app be life-changing? We think so.

If you have not tried Tbbbout as the customer of a participating business, what you’re about to read won’t totally sink in until you do. However, when you do try it, even once, it will change your life - if even in a small way.

How? You may ask…How can an app change my life?

Well, if you’re anything like me - and research says you all are - you all absolutely despise waiting. It’s no wonder, too. As Americans, we all spend 37 billion hours a year waiting in line. What’s more, there are different types of lines and different types of waiting that affect us in different ways.

For me, the top 5 places I hate to wait in line are as follows:

  1. Restaurants

  2. Bars

  3. Veterinarians

  4. Dry Cleaners

  5. Restaurants

Now, if you’re reading closely, you’ll have noticed I included restaurants twice on this list of the places I hate to wait. Why? Well, I really, really, really hate to wait in restaurants.

Let me explain a bit more.

The Top 3 Reasons I Hate Waiting to Pay In Restaurants

When I go out to eat, of course I want good food, good atmosphere, and good service, but other things matter too.

  1. I Want to Leave When I Want to Leave - I don’t know about you, but I really don’t like waiting for anything that doesn’t have a payoff. I’ll wait to get into Bryan Denny Stadium to watch my beloved Crimson Tide. I’ll wait for my wife to deliver my child. I don’t even mind waiting in line to go down a really cool water slide. But waiting to pay? Why? Why in this technologically advanced day and age are we STILL waiting to pay when we want to leave??!! Don’t bother trying to come up with something, there’s simply no good reason - especially now that Tbbbout exists. Open a tab, leave when you want, pay later.

  2. I’ve Got Better Things to Do - I eat out about 2-3 times per week. The average American? It’s 4.2 time per week. For one month, I tracked how long from the end of any meal it took for me to get the check, have my card swiped, tip, sign and pay out. On average, it was 12 minutes. The longest wait during that month? Over 30 minutes it took me to get the waiter’s attention, pay and walk out. That means I spend over 31 hours a year waiting to pay out at restaurants! The average American? They spend a whopping 44 hours waiting to pay. If someone told you right now, you can get nearly 50 hours a year back of your life back for work or ideas or watching football or hurting yourself doing Crossfit or whatever it is you do, I think you’d take it. I know I would. Now, with Tbbbout, you can get it all back. ALL OF IT!

  3. I Get Better Service - Restaurants and the traditional way of paying the check are inherently inefficient places. It’s just a function of having so many moving parts. Imagine if I told you that to start your car, you need to have a waiter come by, you request to start it, they tell you “Certainly, sir, I’ll fetch your keys” then they run off for an average of about 5-10 mins to find and deliver your keys, then - and ONLY then - can you hop in, crank it and drive off, well, I’m pretty sure you’d think that was absurd. Yet that’s exactly what we do every time we go out to eat. As well, when you do finally pay out, are you tipping based on how good the transaction was or are you tipping based on your level of service? If all bars and restaurants used Tbbbout, imagine the increased efficiency that can be gained (not to mention the attentiveness) because servers can now focus on the core process of serving you food (or not forgetting that side of freaking ranch dressing you asked for 8 mins ago) and not on being a middleman transaction broker. I’ve already seen it transform places near me that use it. Trust me, it has a big effect; especially when it’s very busy.

For whatever reason, and with everything being made more efficient via the web and mobile now, we’ve all gone far too long now asking someone to start our cars for us. For the metaphor disinclined, it’s high time we transform the restaurant tab payment process and get back more personal time in this busy world, improve the service we get and get on with living.

Get Tbbbout now and pay your next tab with your phone. Your favorite places don’t have it yet? Ask us to sign ‘em up and we will. As we say around here…..Leave now. PayLater®.

How Easy is Tbbbout?