Top 5 Tbbbout Benefits for Your Bar or Restaurant

tbbbout benefits for your bar - pay by phone

Tbbbout is doing for bars and restaurants what Uber did for getting us all around town. Don’t believe it? Just take a look at these “Top 5” bennies for your bar or restaurant:

5. Lowers Your Legal Liability and Risk - To open a tab, most bars still require that patrons leave their credit card with the bartender until they close out. The big, big problem? Technically, not paying your bar tab is a crime and bar owners insert themselves into that mix when they keep cards patrons leave behind to pick up the next day, weeks later, or sometimes not at all. Even worse, if you hold onto those cards and someone in your establishment decides to grab one and head to Best Buy and snags some sweet flat screens, well, you’re in a whole other world of liability hurt. You can even end up reported to local or federal law enforcement, Visa, MC, or the CFPB. Currently, there are 89K live complaints in the CFPB database related just to credit cards. Trust us when we say that you do NOT want the CFPB to come calling. With Tbbbout, you never store or keep a card. If patrons don’t close out, we close them our for you at 0400 every day and we add a 20% tip for your bartenders.

4. Increase Sales During Busiest Shifts - The average credit card swipe takes over 1 minute from start to finish. That means when patrons are lined up 3-deep at your bar and your bartenders are slammed, every time someone wants to pay out you’re growing your bar backlog and decreasing your revenue. What’s worse, you’re frustrating your patrons such that they may not patronize your bar during peak events or during specials you might run that attract crowds. Overall and much like traffic on the highway, keeping things moving is a universal good. You make more, your patrons are happier, thus your long-term revenue goes up steadily the more you move people in and out. Tbbbout frees your bartenders to make you more money by doing what they do best - serve drinks. Patrons can open tabs via phone or give bartenders their unique PIN to open a tab. Once a tab is open, no more running to close out or hiring people to come in on busy shifts to close out credit cards. Customers pay when they want; no need to bring ink and paper into it! Tbbbout has even saved bars thousands of dollars per month on printer paper, replacement printers and card swipers. Just another little by-product benefit.

3. Save Money on Transaction Fees - With Tbbbout, you pay just 2% across the board on all cards. For most bars, payment processor fees for traditional credit card swipes varies between 3 and 6% (or more). The busiest bars get the best rates, but those too hover around the 3% mark for the vast majority. Our average bar saves over 75K a year in fees alone, not to mention the savings on printers, paper and the revenue growth from not having to take an average of 1 minute and 20 seconds to swipe each credit card.

2. Grow Your Revenue - By using Tbbbout, bars can instantly cut down on patrons swiping their card after every beer or drink. Especially in college towns, this “drink-and-swipe” can be a huge drain on bartenders and cause instant clog-ups at the bar during busy shifts. When you think about it, this activity is one of the biggest impediments busy bars have to their revenue and profit. With Tbbbout, customers open only one tab per night and tend to have larger tabs by a factor of 2 to 5X than when they use credit cards.

and, finally, the very topmost reason to use Tbbbout?

Coming in at #1 is the all-important customer satisfaction and convenience. Having a popular bar is just that: all about having a bar patrons want to come to. By offering Tbbbout, you’ll see the same reaction customers had to Uber offering them more choice, more convenience and control over how and when they pay: delight.

In any business, delighting your customers is the single-most fundamental thing you can to do stay in business and grow your revenues. It’s just that simple. If you’re always adding conveniences and stay customer-focused, you will succeed.

Sign up for Tbbbout today and reap the rewards of moving your business into the future now! What do you have to lose? It’s completely 100% free for bar owners.