'No Freebage,' or Why Dishonest Bartenders Hate Tbbbout (And Owners Love Us!)





  1. Exchanging one or more free drinks on a bar tab for every drink that’s actually billed for folding, green stuff called “cash” that’s not recorded in any Point-of-Sale system (Usually shoved surreptitiously into pockets)

A few charged drinks, a lotta free drinks for cash tips that go right in the pocket. It’s simple. And it’s why dishonest bartenders hate Tbbbout and owners love us.

You see, with Tbbbout, customers get a super-convenient way to open tabs, then pay when they want. It’s kinda like Uber for drinking.

As soon as a tab is opened from their phone at their favorite bar or restaurant, customers can choose to leave when they want, request their tab total remotely and pay their tabs right from their phone - whether they’re in the bar or not.

That means tab payments and tips are, more often than not, handled after customers leave, thereby putting more distance - and a lot of accountability - into each of your bar transactions. For most bar owners (especially busy ones), this is huge.


Well, the number one threat to revenue and profit margin at a bar is loss. Loss in the form of food and beverage spoilage, spillage and, most notably, “freebage.” In other words, bartenders giving away copious amounts of liquor, beer and wine on a regular basis in exchange for (or in hope of) bigger cash tips for a smaller tab.

It’s a “cottage industry of theft” and it can kill bar profits completely. In fact, it’s criminal. Really.

Big Data, Big Savings for Bar Owners

Speaking of accountability, Tbbbout also gives owners and GMs instant access to their My Reports page that shows, in detail, each transaction, total, and tip by employee each and every day. We make it very easy for owners to login and monitor who’s doing what. Each bartender who opens a tab under the Tbbbout bar login must click to select their name when opening a tab to take personal responsibility for the tab.

As well, with our newest feature, My Analytics, we use simple but powerful algorithms on all this data to instantly show owners graphs, charts, and lists in real-time that tell them things like:

  • Which bartenders are closing the most tabs for the lowest amounts BUT with the highest average tips

  • Which bartenders open the most tabs with the lowest average tips

  • Which bartenders open the most credit card tabs (i.e. old fashioned) vs. Tbbbout mobile pay tabs

  • Which bartenders open the most tabs with $0 tips

  • Which bartenders consistently repeat the above behaviors over time

And a whole lot more interesting data points that can help you identify “revenue holes” in your valuable bar business. Truly, data is a wonderful thing.

Sign up your bar for Tbbbout today and watch your bottom line profits improve! It’s free, it’s a flat 2% transaction fee for any charge and customers love the convenience.

Just like Uber made dishonest “meter doctoring” taxi drivers hate them and their customers love them, we’re changing the way customers interact with your bar or restaurant for the better. Try it today, there’s simply no cost - and no risk - to you. You’ve only got more money to gain.