Ready to go? Tab out now.

Eat. Drink. Leave.

Don’t wait in line at the bar. Leave when you want. You’ve got better things to do. Pay your bar tabs directly from your phone for less than half an ATM fee. Great for other places you owe too!

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BTW, It’s Not Just for the Bar

Works at any business where you hate waiting to pay or checkout like doctors, dentists, therapists, veterinarians and many more.

Ask us to sign up local businesses you frequent and we’ll reach out now to get them on board! That way, you get out the door fast all over town!

Are you a small business owner who wants to receive mobile payments? Check out who we help by clicking here. Tbbbout PayLater™ is FREE!

Bars & Restaurants: How it Works

  1. Sign up FREE.


2. Fill out your info.


3. Go order a drink.

4. Tab out when you’re ready!

When you’re ready to go, just hit the “Close Out” button next to your tab. Your bartender or server will enter the total and you’ll get a text message with the bill. Then just hit “TBBBOUT” to tip and be on your way! It’s that simple.

Stop waiting in line to pay.


2-min signup. Save hours waiting.


Just click the Register button, click through our signup wizard screens, save a credit card then you’re done!

Just walk up to the bar, tell the bartender you’re using Tbbbout PayLater™ and place your order. Then, when you want to leave, just come back to the app and close out.

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Set it, forget it.

Register once and you’re good. You can use it at any participating bar or restaurant too. Just tell the bartender your PayLater™ PIN or Open Tab from your phone. Pay out when you’re ready, No need to go back to the bar. You can leave when you’re tab is opened!


Works on all phones.

Whether you use Android, Apple or Windows, Tbbbout PayLater app™ works for you. It’s also great on tablets too!

A simple solution for bar owners.

Our customers love this web app. For a busy bar like Innisfree where we see thousands of customers a night each week, it’s not only super convenient for the customer, it actually makes the whole evening more enjoyable for bartenders, servers and my managers.

Folks don’t get angry waiting in line behind dozens of people to pay with a credit card. Normally, card transactions take at least a couple minutes, so even with a small line of 10-20 people, our customers were waiting over an hour sometimes when they’re ready to leave and move on to the rest of their night.

Tbbbout’s PayLater™ app is Ingenious, simple, and a game-changer for us.

- Tripp Rogers, Owner Innisfree in Tuscaloosa and Birmingham